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Get your money back for discrepancies in delivered Amazon FBA Shipments for only $0.99/month!

The scary tale of AMAZON LOSING YOUR INVENTORY, with a happy ending

If you have been selling on Amazon for at least few months, you should know that unfortunately Amazon is “famous” for “losing” your inventory and “forgetting” to reimburse you for it. There are many ways how Amazon can lose your inventory. One of the ways is during the process of inventory being shipped from your warehouse to Amazon’s FBA warehouse.

Often Amazon will receive your shipments and then mark them as not complete or “problem” putting a burden of finding out about it on you, the seller.

You then must proactively go to Seller Central/ FBA shipments and look for the problem ones. To then create a case with Amazon to get the problem investigated so they can either find your lost inventory or reimburse you $$ for it.

THIS IS WHY… We have created this first Chrome extension that assists you and your staff in this process tremendously!

Install this extension and it will immediately appear on your Manage FBA shipment page in Seller Central.

Click “Check for problems” button and shipments with discrepancies will be highlighted in bright red color – ready for you to take action and get the money back from Amazon!


To use, install and activate the extension ONLY $0.99/month.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, we do Not gain any access to your Amazon accounts. Extension only works “locally” on your computer, in your browser.

Download Chrome extension here

Then log in to your Amazon Seller Central account, then go to Inventory > Manage FBA Shipments > click the extension icon and you will see all problem Shipments highlighted in red color in the Received column. To request an investigation with Amazon – click on the name of the troubled shipment and open the case where appropriate.

Colors and statuses designation

- All RED means there are issues with that shipment

- All YELLOW means that its taken too long (over 30 days) for Amazon to receive your shipment. Recommended to inquiry about the delay.

- "Need action" means that you need to request investigation from Amazon

- "Action taken" means that you have already requested investigation before

- "Please wait.." means extension is loading additional data.

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