Сreate your own buy lists of products that you can potentially buy to resell

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Add the product you wish to keep track of, to your Buy List directly from Amazon product page with JUST ONE CLICK.

Customize settings

Manage and organize all your product leads in one place. Seller Toolset offers endless customization options which include over 40 data points about each product.

Export formats

Create unlimited export formats to prepare your product lists to be uploaded into other tools such as repricers, and listing softwares.


Frequently Asked Questions

To start using this feature you will need to download our Chrome extension. Then add MWS authorization and enable it in your STS account.

Done! Now you can add your products.

You can add products by Clicking “Add to Seller Toolset” button when you are on any products page in Chrome browser (Chrome extension needs to be installed). Also you can add product directly while logged in to your account at using ” Add ASIN” feature.

Absolutely! All columns can be customized to your liking. You can turn on/off columns, change their order, width, fix the required columns. In addition, you can save your settings under several different types of reports or programs and quickly switch between them.

By using an “Update” feature you will be able to see most current data about each lead (as the rank and Amazon price may change).


Step 1. Go to the settings section and drag the names of the columns that you want to see in the Buy list to the Activated section.

Step 2. Drag unnecessary columns to the Deactivated section

Step 3. Arrange the columns in the desired order using drag and drop

Click Save Settings

To fix the columns in the Buy List, mark them with a tick. Click Save Settings at the bottom of the page.

Also, you can adjust the text size in the corresponding section.

Picture your staff have created a list of products for you to review. Would you also like to provide them with the feedback on their work?

If something does not fit your criteria that you were not able to use; it is still important to relay that to your VAs or local staff so they may take that into account when sourcing for you next time. Which is why we created this comprehensive list of explanations for you to choose from.

And if the list is not enough – you can always type in your comments about each product in Comments column.

* Restricted brand - this brand can not be sold from this account;

* Incorrect match - incorrect product (as well as wrong quantity per item etc);

* Low Net - Low net profit per item;

* Low ROI;

* Low Margin;

* Bad rank - Rank is too high for this category of product;

* Inflated or unstable price - Price is high (good) only at a moment in time;

* Amz sells - This product is sold by Amazon, or Amazon been selling it consistently shortly prior;

* Hazmat - This item considered Dangerous goods (flammable etc) and can not be shipped to FBA warehouse by this seller account;

* High number of sellers - High number of sellers versus the number of sales;

* Good lead but limits - This is a good lead but was unable to buy because of limits (personal budget/store limits);

* Sold Out - The item has been sold;

* Missed offers/deals;

* Other - any other reason. Enter comment for explanation.

Amazon sellers put a lot of thought into which products to buy to resell. There are variety of different factors that go into that decision. This process often involves looking at dozens different softwares and studying historical trends for each product.

Nothing short of science… And that analysis takes valuable time.

We created the most comprehensive list of data points and metrics that sellers look at when they make that decision.

We also took into account that no seller is alike and some rely on one metric more that the other. Which is why Buy List is fully adjustable to fit the needs of every seller.

Column Example Explanation
Buy List Name List 1 Organize your items into different lists
Date 08/14/2020 Date when product was added to the list
Product Image image Product image from Amazon
Buy? Yes/No Will monitor Select if you bought (or will buy) this product
Reason for No Restricted/ IP brand Select the reason why product was not purchased
Other comments (wrong quantity & other) Too many sellers in the last 10 days Additional comments about this product
Store/Supplier Name Target Name of the store
Amazon Title Apple iPhone 7 Plus, 256GB, Rose Gold - Fully Unlocked Product’s name on Amazon
Amazon URL Link on Amazon
ASIN B07YN8QCD5 Product’s ASIN on Amazon
Store URL Link to buy the product
Rank 984 Current BSR (Best Sellers Rank)* at a time when item was added or last updated
Category Cell Phones & Accessories Product’s main category on Amazon
Amz Price $298.99 Current Amazon price* at a time when item was added or last updated. You can change the price yourself if the product is out of stock or if you want to recalculate the data with the new price. After the price change, all data (Net, ROI, Margin) will be recalculated. If you want to update the price to the current one, use the update function. Thus, the price and all data will be updated to the current indicators.
Cost $194.99 Product’s cost after all deals and coupons
Net Profit $58.57 Product’s net profit, per unit sold
ROI% 30% Return on Investment, in %
Competition 16 Number of sellers on the listing FBA [Total (FBA)]
SPM (JS) 3,925 Estimated sales per month based on Jungle Scout
Amz No Is Amazon is a seller on the listing? (Yes/No)
Comment Shipping to home FREE at $35, Ebates 5% Additional comment about the product: coupons, cashback sites and other
Update date 08/31/20 Date when product’s info (Amazon parameters) was last updated
Margin 25% Profit margin, in %
Top % 0.01% BSR (Best Sellers Rank) percentage in its main category
Keepa!product/1-B01LY80N5M Link to see in Keepa
CCC Link to see in Camel Camel Camel
Not recommended? LOL Checks if a brand is “not recommended” based on the list of brands you have entered in your Settings
Parent ASIN B07YD6MT5N ASIN of a product’s parent
Variation Black, 32GB, AT&T ASIN if this product is a variation
Keepa Drops 36 Estimated sales per month based on Keepa
90 Day Avg Rank 906 Average Amazon BSR rank based on data provided by Keepa
90 Day Avg Sell Price $293.61 Average product price on Amazon based on data provided by Keepa
Other expenses per item $1 per item prep service Additional costs you have associated with the product (optional)
Inbound Shipping $0.5/pound Additional shipping expenses (optional)
Sales Tax 2% Additional expenses to cost (optional)
User Name VA User or sub-user that added this product
Supplier part number O-XL-BLK Item number in supplier’s catalog
MOQ 36 Minimum Order Quantity requirements
MAP 5699% Minimum Advertised Price requirements
Quantity recommended 10 Quantity suggested for purchase
Quantity to order 500% Quantity approved to purchase from the supplier
SKU B07YHKB9V6_Black_15.99_Target Stock Keeping Unit - your unique item identificator. Set up the SKU generator according to your preferences and the system will automatically generate the SKU. If you want to add additional information, use the update SKU function opposite the desired product.

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