Amazon Profit Calculator

Amazon Profit Calculator

Analyze Amazon products profitability in seconds

Install and activate Amazon Profit Calculator Chrome Extension and voila!

Start your research right from a search page and see each product’s rank, category, ASIN and competition, including whether or not Amazon is on the listing.

Then click on a product to see the calculator to evaluate your profits based on product’s cost and various fees.

Calculate profit quickly

Amazon Profit Calculator appears on Amazon product pages and allows you to quickly see all useful information about each product and makes product sourcing much easier.

Variations: No more guesswork

Seller Toolset Amazon Profit calculator analyzes customer reviews and ratings to estimate which sizes and colors are more in-demand. No more guessing which color sells better!

Built-in Keepa charts

Our Amazon calculator is equipped with a seamless integration of Keepa charts, providing users with real-time and historical price and sales rank data. With this built-in feature, you can effortlessly visualize the product’s pricing trends, historical sales performance, and other key metrics directly within the calculator interface.

What is Seller Toolset Amazon Calculator

The Seller Toolset Extension is an essential tool for Amazon sellers. Ideal for Online Arbitrage (OA) resellers, wholesale resellers, and private label sellers. Our extension allows you to make sourcing decisions much quicker!

Try it today!

Control the turnover of products directly from Amazon Seller Central! Our unique tool will allow you to always be aware of sales, profits, and the need to reorder your product.